Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013

Improving the gaming experience 1: New Terrain

The last view days were all about making some terrain for my gaming mat. I don't really like making terrain as I don't like modeling in general. I'm more painter than anything else. Even basing I only do as a necessary evil.
But as I'm going to host a game of "Bolt Action" from Warlord Games on Friday down at the club I urgently needed some nice stuff to put on the table.

Therefore I finally painted the "Ruined Hamlet" Set from Warlord Games I had flying around for some months now. Building the set proofed to be a real pain in the ass as most parts were bent and the parts didn't go together well.

Next were some trees and simple stone walls

I'll post some pics of the table in Action after the game on Friday.

And as Dalauppror requested some pics of the "1:48 Farm animals set" by Pegasus Hobbies next to a "Norman" from Gripping Beast.

Why is he that much after the sheep?
As you can see the animals are a bit on the big side, especially considering the animals having been smaller then, but fit in quite nicely I think.

Thanks for viewing.


  1. Honest, I feel your pain – building terrain is my least favourite aspect of the hobby. But it's definitely been worth the effort on your part. Those pieces absolutely look the part! Very well done!

    Would you recommend the Warlord set despite its flaws? I think it looks superior to the 4Ground buildings, anyway, and have considered buying it for some time. But if it's overly labour-intensive I'll probably reconsider…

    Cheers, SG

    1. The WG set definitely looks better on the table and if you're not all fingers and thumbs like me with using plastic glue I think it's worth the effort. On the other hand it's quite expensive, too.

      Thanks for your kind words.

  2. Great looking ruins, love the burned roofs...

  3. Too bad about the assembly - I hate it when kits, that you spend good money on, end up being more hassle than they are worth. That being said you did a wonderful job on them. I quite like those farm animals as well. I actually like that they're a little on the large side. The cows from Warlord seem like large sheep...

  4. Im ersten Augenblick dachte ich: "Was ist das ?" Aber Nein, das grau-blau-weiss der Ruinen kommt bei näherem Hinsehen wirklich gut, mal was ganz Anderes. Schön ! Die Pegasustierchen gefallen mir auch, ich habe sie ja auch. Mein zweites Set (allerdings in 1:72) war heute in der Post. Ein schönes Set für schmales Geld. Nebenbei: Die Schweinchenbemalung klau ich mir mal...

  5. Your labors produced some beautiful fruit! Great looking terrain. It'll compliment your gorgeous figures perfectly!

  6. They look great Nick and I need to assemble my building too! Those animals are really looking good as well!


  7. What did you use for the terrain bases?

    1. Hi Dennis,
      I used simple plasticard. Hope this helps.