Sunday, 1 September 2013

Rush for Berlin 12: Heavy machine gun, Forward Observer & Footsloggers

This week I've been quite productive, finishing almost 2 miniatures a day. I'm still working on my Late War German Luftwaffenfelddivision but the end is within reach. After having finished this batch there are just 8 figures still to do.
 At least when I stick to Bolt Action, as after having bought the "Chain of Command" by TooFatLardies this week, I realised there are too many automatic weapons in my Platoon. So if I want to expand to CoC I'll have to paint up another batch of 12 Riflemen... though these are things I give a thought sometime in the future.

Ok... and there's still a Puma, an Opel Blitz, a SdKfz. 251and a Kübelwagen to do.

First again the whole bunch I finished:

The Artillery Forward Observer Team

MG-42 Heavy machine gun team

Ammunition carrier for one of my MG-42's/ 34's

Note the different shades of Fieldgrey I tried to represent.

Somehow I just love those chunky rifles...

Second Sniper

Maybe when having finished the last ones I'll take a group shot as I'm quite proud of what I've managed to do so far. I hope I don't loose my WW2 painting MoJo as I'm already luring at my Late Romans again^^.


  1. Outstanding! I think these are getting better and better; the camouflage just looks brilliant!

  2. Stunning work!!!!

    Must say it again, love your cammo

    Best regards Michael

  3. Amazing paintjob!

  4. Those are some excellent looking troops Nick!


  5. Both the camo and the German uniform is superb. Don't change period, lets have lots more WW2.

  6. Lovely bit of paint work especially the camo. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Grossartig!!! I finde deinen Arbeit sehr intressant. Die farben von die uniformen sind echt gut!!! Weiter so! :)