Sunday, 25 August 2013

Rush for Berlin 11: Assault rifles & Panzerfäuste

This week I'm a bit proud on myself as I finally managed to get my ass back on the painting table.
As a result I got some new men for my Bolt Action late war Germans ready for battle.

As for the rules I now have enough assult rifles waving madmen for  a fully equipped squad of Volksgrenadiere. 5 men including the NCO are carrying the StG44 while one carries the MG42 and the remaining 4 are wielding the MP40 and a panzerfaust each.

The only BAM figure in my army.

 In my oppinion the Warlord separate weapons are a perfect fit for the Artizan figures. Personally I like painting the Artizan miniatures a lot more but the weapons on the newer ones are much to tiny for my taste. I would have preferred if he had stuck to the much too bulky cartoonish ones.
I think I finally found my way in doing the splinter camo. With this in mind I'd wish I had done the whole stuff in splinter.

Hope you like 'em and have a nice weekend!


  1. Great looking minis. The Stg44s look a little too big but they are well painted. They look like the fire the 8mm Mauser round rather than the 8mm Kurtz round.

  2. That is a wonderfully mean looking unit, really enjoyed the painting on these - bravo Sir.

  3. Very nice, they look good, awesome clean paint job!

  4. Excellent work My friend!!! I'm very impressed by the camo work, truly amazing!

    Best regards Michael

  5. Wonderful painting and very inspirational. Having a go at painting splinter camo myself at the moment and if they turn out half as good as yours I will be a happy man.

  6. Splittertarn, love-hate of any WW2 wargamer I reckon. Your rendition looks convincing to a layman like me, well done!
    As you've mentioned Bolt Action – any chance to convert you to Chain of Command by TooFatLardies? ;-)

    Cheers, SG

  7. Very nice work indeed Nick! The splinter camo turned out excellent! Perhaps my US Airborne will get chance to challenge them!>:-)


  8. Fabulous work. I too prefer the Artizan castings - they have a great bulk about them and take paint very nicely.

  9. Amazing detail and painting skill involved here. Your faces and highlighting are incredible.

  10. The camouflage of the miniatures is spectacular!
    congratulations on such a good job