Montag, 13. Mai 2013

The South will rise again 1: First trial figures

Back from vacation I photographed some trial figures I finished before leaving Germany for some days in the sun. As the rather pathetic title allready suggests it's about Confederates for the American Civil War.
With the release of the new plastics Confederates by Perry-Miniatures I decided to finally give the whole ACW  thing a go.

Figures are a mix of the new Confederates plastics and the old Infantry set from the Perrys. Both sets in my oppinion give you some bang for your bugs. They are a bit fiddly to paint though, as some of the details are a bit plane.
Still don't know if I'll really invest plenty of time into this period, although I really like it. On the other hand I need a new period like a hole in the head...
Colours used are Vallejo and Foundry.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Wow, very much full of character.

  2. Nick those look just wonderful! You really captured the feel of the rebel soldier. Since your part of my gaming circle and it's my favourite period I of course really do hope you decide to invest more time into painting and gaming ACW!:-)


  3. Greate painting, realy stunning work !!!

    Best regards Michael

  4. These are gorgeous. I like that you've used relatively bright tones as you often see Confederates being very drab.

  5. My goodness me they are wonderful, just love the colours you have used and the detail work like the patches - superb!

  6. Stunning looking confederat Soldiers :)

  7. Hi Nick,

    these guys look great. Seems to be that we will start a very beautiful project. :)


  8. Fantastic painting on these, 10/10.