Sunday, 3 March 2013

Rush for Berlin 1: Soviet Rifle Squad for Operation Squad

As I urgently :-) had to buy the plastic Russians from Warlord Games at Tactica I  decided to start a soviet rifle Squad for Operation Squad.
First I was not too keen on the box as I have the German plastic Infantry too and I don't like it. The arms are too slim, the weapons too tiny and the bodys too clumsy.

So I was realy surprised with the new Russians. The weapons seem to have the correct size (at least they don't look like toys), the arms are well proportioned and the casting is crisp.
Painting these guys was sheer fun.

Ok, let's start with the pictures:

First the 500pts. Squad as a whole

Serjeant Josiph Wissariwitsch is urging private Bessarionis Zarizyn forward....

Moving up the captured german Panzerfaust Nikita and his brother Georgiy Krustschow...

... while the Commissar Aleksandr Gorbatshow looks that nobody gets 'lost' ...especially Sergeij Medvetiev the Squads specialist for explosives.

The SVT-40 shooters Michail Niklajewitsch and Dimitriy Arseni

The ubiquitous DP Machinegun... Gunner Wassilij Kotzukov and his loader Ivan Seijtsev on attack against the german invaders

And here my personal favourite, Sergej Tohjev the infamous sniper

 The figures are not perfect but compared to Warlords older plastics they are a great improvement. Unfortunately the older special weapon teams like the Maxim Gun team and the ZIS-3 Crew don't fit in with the new plastics as their guns are way to small now in comparison.


  1. They look great Nick! I'm looking forward to seeing how they game! That sniper's scope really worked out very nice in particular.


  2. They really look nice and I like the bright colors you've used.

  3. Cool stuff. These soviets do look very good. I'm sure they will be eyecandy on the gaming board.

  4. Stunning looking russians....Great work :)

    Best Regards