Monday, 10 December 2012

How Fireforge Footsergeants match up with Gripping Beast Plastics

As by Dalauppror requested some pictures mixing up miniatures from Fireforge Games and plastic miniatures by Gripping Beast.

First I used head and arms from the "Mounted Sergeants" box and glued them to a saxon body from GB.
I think it makes up for a great standard bearer. The only thing I don't realy like are the mail gloves which look a bit odd to me.

Second Ionly used a saxon head from GB.
Some cutting was required as the necks of the "Mounted Sergeants" are a bit more thickish.

For the third one I only glued a "Foot Sergeants" head on a saxon body

All in all the miniatures mix up quite nicely in my oppinion.


  1. Thanks for granting my request;)

    Nice builds !

    Looks like I have to get me some fireforge foot sgts:)

    Thanks for your help

    best regards Michael

  2. Hi Nick,
    I just nominated you for "Liebster Blog". :)