Sunday, 16 December 2012

Fall of the western Empire 5: Second Group of Palatinae

Just finished another bunch of four guys from the scholae palatinae. Today I had a bit of a hard time as I decided to do the varnishing by airbrush. Unattentively I grabbed the varnish and started spraying. Much too late I recognised that I was just spraying Vallejo's 'Decal Fix' instead of the matt varnish I'm generally using. After some drying time I recognised some parts (propably I applied too much on these areas) of the miniatures started turning greyish. Fortunately I was able to cure it by painting over the affected areas with matt varnish by brush.
On the other hand the areas that didn't turn greyish became absolutely matt what I really like. But next time I have to think twice before almost ruining my miniatures.

Again these are late romans by Musketeer Miniatures with shield-decals by LBM.

With the year almost over now is the time to have a look on what to do the next year, I think.
I already had quite a lot of plans for 2012 I actually didn't realize so no point in not doing the same for 2013.

  • First of all I definitely will be completing my late romans. I'm not that happy with my output over the last weeks as I was hoping to get these guys done in 2012. At the moment there are still 24 footsloggers and four men of cavalry left.
  • Second I'm planning on doing some 28mm crusaders for IMPETUS. As I already have some plastics knights and footsergeants from Fireforge Games the headstone for the project has already been placed. With my decision to do base these for IMPETUS I'll be leaving the solid ground of single basing my miniatures for the first time. On the other hand by using multi bases it will be possible to tell a little story with every unit I think.
  • Third  there are some 15mm Germans and Americans waiting for beeing painted. These guys will be single based again as they will (hopefully) see battles using Bolt Action, Battlegroup Kursk and (or more likely) upcoming supplements as well as Agis Neugebauer's Victory Decision. Why using 15mm for all this? Over the past months it became more and mor obvious to me that I'll never be able to paint up as much 28's for WWII as I would need in order to play the rulesets mentioned above as they need too much time to be painted up to a standard I'm happy with.
  • Fourth I'll maybe (a monstrous maybe) dive into the American Civil War as it's a very interesting setting to me.
  • Fifth I would like to start a small late WWI german army perhaps using the great 15mm miniatures from Bluemoon Manufacturing.
  • Sixth there are some Perry Normans laying around for some time now, waiting to complete my norman warband for SAGA.
  • Seventh I'm planning to replace my plastics saxons from Gripping Beast in my saxon SAGA warband with some Westwind saxons and goth/ germans from Musketeer Miniatures as I don't like the look of the plastics any more.
You see I have a lot of plans concerning my hobby life in 2013 and as always I'll be lucky to  get done a third of it.


  1. Really great paint job. These Romans look brilliant.

  2. Stunning pain work !

    Nice to read some about your plans for 2013.

    Best regards Michael

  3. Fantastic paintjob on those figures. Looking forward to seeing your progress throughout next year.


  4. Wonderful paint work yet again!


  5. lovely work on these figures. lucky tour mistake didn't ruin them!