03 September 2023

[20mm] Panzergrenadier/ Infantry Squad Nr. 4

Just realised I had these pictures sitting in a draft post since February 2022. While I‘m not intending to restart the blog I thought I might just as well share them. Enjoy!


  1. Oh, welcome back on blog world! :)
    Nice to see your great works!

  2. Great stuff! A shame you're not keeping the blog going but will you keep posting your work on Twitter?
    The 20mm figs look great. If I was just starting Second World war now that's what I would go with, unfortunately I already have a bunch of 28mm figures waiting to be painted!

  3. Fantastic. AB is the way to go in 20mm, such lovely figures and you really do them justice. More please!

  4. I stumbled upon your blog post and was thoroughly impressed by your attention to detail in the 20mm Panzergrenadier Infantry Squad. Your work is truly remarkable and a testament to your passion for historical miniatures.

  5. Hi! Do you have any tips/color advice for painting your green soviet uniforms? They look so great but I couldnt find any info. And my own experiments don't look nearly as good as yours