19 February 2022

[20mm] Panzer IV Ausf. H

Finally got around to finish this 1/72 Panzer IV Ausf. H by Zvezda. The kit is nice enough and despite some rather fragile parts, like the rails for the side skirts, it should be sturdy enough for wargaming. But it comes with the hatches molded closed, something I really can't stand. It's not like separate hatches are so super difficult to handle during assembly. That said it's something that seems surprisingly common in 1/72 scale modeling tanks.

The kit was painted using the Real Colors range by AK Interactive. While I can't attest for the tonal accuracy the manufacturer claims, the paints work rather well through an airbrush. Much less of a hassle than acrylic paints. That said I miss the ready made modulation sets you get in acrylics. Means you've got to work more with pre-shading in black and white or mix your own modulation colours. Both things I don't really have the patience, nor the desire for.

For a more realistic look I skipped the combined edge highlighting/ micro scratch method I went with for my more recent vehicles but only used a sponge to apply some wear and tear here and there. Not fully convinced though, as a) I find the sponge very hard to control and b) it looks less 'defined', less visually interesting, especially at arms length.

For most of the weathering I used AK Interactive Weathering Pencils. Quite an interesting tool, especially as you can create different effects depending on wether you apply them dry or wet. Only the rust effects didn't really convince me, as they look somewhat off compared to the same effects done in enamels. So they're (of course) not the deal changer they're marketed as, but another useful tool in the tool box.

Points: 273


  1. No matter what material you have to work with, you can turn straw into gold. Wonderful painting Nick, and another superb piece for your 20mm collection.

  2. Beautiful work Nick…
    If I could paint a tank that well I would be over the moon…

    All the best. Aly

  3. Speaking of hatches being molded closed, I noticed this in a certain not-as-well-as-known-as-Tamiya Japanese brand of car scale model kits. Most of their cars, not all, don't have bonnets that open up to show detailed engine. It sucks but I still continue to buy some of them because they tend to make kits of cars I like :)

    1. Oops! Almost forgot. The tank looks fantastic by the way :)

  4. That's a superb looking tank Nick I look forward to a closer inspection!


  5. Classic looking Panzer IV, Nick! Excellent camo work and weathering. I'm surprised about the closed hatches common to this scale. It would be nice to have the option of having a TC popping his head out of the hatch.

  6. Crumbs! That is especially well painted 😎

  7. Lovely work as always. Agree about the closed hatches though, I’ve never made a Zvezda kit, other than a few of their artillery pieces, so never realised they have hatches closed, that’s disappointing.

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