23 December 2021

[20mm] First Canadian Squad

I'm still experiencing problems with Blogger on my Apple devices. Instead of getting better it's getting worse. Somehow I have the feeling they're trying to force me to use their bloomin' Chrome browser as every other browser I've used so far wouldn't work. So apologies (again) to all the fine people on who's blog I failed to comment. 

Todays offerings are my first painted squad of Canadians. I've painted them as PPCLI (Princess Patricias Canadian Light Infantry) as I want to use them for Italy in the long run. That said I won't be shy and will field them in France just as well.

As before these are AB Figures and a joy to paint. Not much more to say here, so I hop you enjoy the pictures.

I've still one more post with pre-challenge stuff up my sleeve (well if I get my backside up and take pictures that is) but so far I've painted a whooping 1205 points this year.

Stay safe!


  1. Hi Nick, outstanding work as ever, I had problems commenting on blogs after apple’s latest update. I found the solution to my problem on Bob Corderys blog Wargaming Miscellany:

    Go to Safari > Go to Settings > Go to Privacy > Uncheck the option 'Prevent cross-site tracking'

    Hope the above helps, best regards Airhead

  2. Excellent work! Your 28mm was perfect but that minis are awesome!

  3. Beautiful toys as ever Nick…

    A Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to you and yours… Aly

  4. Fantastic paint jobs Nick and a Merry Christmas to you and your family!


  5. Such detail! Absolutely glorious 😎

  6. Very nice figures. What paints and colors did you use for your Canadians? Merry Christmas

    1. Hi Gary, I used VMC 70.873 US Field Drab as a base and highlighted with increasing amounts of VMC 70.988 Khaki.
      It‘s a tad too greenish, but I like it. Hope that you helps

  7. Your make AB figure come to life
    cheers John

  8. This is fantastic work Moiterei; really, really good. Here's wishing you a belated Merry Christmas and a soon-to-come HAppy New Year!

  9. Loving all this 20mm and AB, it really is the Goldilocks scale for gaming the Second World War.

  10. Excellent work on these! Thomas Moore here from Twitter.