12 January 2021

Para Support Choices

The Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is in full swing, so here's my fourth submission for those of you who don't follow our progress there:

As we step into the chamber, portentously named Pit of the Pendulum, we stop dead in our tracks. "What's that? That's no bloody pendulum!" we mutter to ourselves as from out of the dark comes a trio of men in camouflage smocks. Their faces, half hidden beneath their helmets, curiously distorted by the dim flicker of a flame not bigger than a candle. It's only when they stop just a few feet away that we realize with horror it's no candle but the pilot flame of a flame thrower...

Well, admittedly it took me a moment till I found a way to somehow shoehorn my current project into the Pit of the Pendulum. But honestly, I can't think of many things more terrifying than be burnt alive. The flamer is a support choice for British Paratroopers in Chain of Command (and probably any other WW2 platoon level ruleset) and has a crew of three. One man carrying the blasted thing with two others probably busy staying away as decently possible from their unfortunate fellow in case he might somehow attract the attention of their intended victims.

Second part of todays submission is another squad of Paratroopers as yet another support choice for the platoon. With these done I think it's on to a little bit of AT-capability to round out the force. 

Two of the figures were started before the challenge, so that makes for 75 Points for this submission.
11x Standing figure = 55 points
1x Themed Bonus Points = 20 points


  1. Beautifully painted as always, Nick. You can certainly make WW2 uniforms look every bit as elegant as, say, Napoleonic uniforms.

  2. Lovely additions to your Paras
    cheers John

  3. Fantastic work Nick, these are the business.

  4. Yet again some lovely additions to your collection Nick.
    Beautifully painted as always.

    All the best. Aly

  5. Absolutely superb Nick as one has become accustomed from you!


  6. Fantastic work again ... so much detail in the camo alone.