Wednesday, 6 January 2021

British Paras

As some of you fine folk may know I'm eagerly (ah, well more like glacial-ish) painting away on a 28mm Para force for gaming Operation Market Garden since... ahem... since AHPC VI, so 2014 actually. Now I bet that wouldn't strike even the slowest painter amongst us as particular ambitioned, or indeed eager, and rightly so. Having painted a playable SS force as opponents over the course of that (wretched) last year I decided I better get my finger out and finish those Paras.

I actually quite enjoy painting those Dension Smocks, so I can't quite figure out why it takes me so unbelievable long. But hey, at least with todays submission I've got a fully playable force for TFL's Chain of Command, my go to WW2 rules. So it's now on to the support choices *Wahai Mohammed*

Unfortunately not all of the figures are eligible for points as some were started prior to the challenge. 
They're a mix of the old metal ones by Warlord Games, sculpted by Paul Hicks, and the equally venerable Wargames Foundry ones, sculpted by the Perry twins back in the day. They mix together reasonably well and do indeed supplement each other quite well in terms of poses.

I'm rather baffled why the loader of the 2" mortar is portrayed with a 1942 pattern Bergen, as this was more commonly used by Commandos and SAS. It was not completely uncommon with the Paras either, but I have yet to come across a source for their use during Market Garden.

I do love the two figures above as they really seem to interact. 

Thanks for stopping by and see you next time. Stay safe!


  1. Lovely work as always. I must get to painting my British Airborne sometime soon.

  2. They look amazing Nick! I too have a British Airborne force which I really enjoy playing, but they are embarrassing daubs next to yours :-) Your colours are really vibrant and your thematic multiple basing really brings them to life. Great job!

  3. Very good work, as always.
    I like the way you paint your minis, with bright colours.

  4. Great choice of figures, and amazing final result :)

  5. I have a pile of the Foundry Para's on the to do list as they are great figures and your painting style makes them the best on the market(garden).
    Wonderful painting Nick.

  6. Lovely work as always, Nick.

    On the matter of Bergens at Arnhem, the book "Glider Pilots at Arnhem" has a photo of E Squadron of the Glider Pilot Regiment at Down Ampney airfield on the morning of the 17th and they have them.
    I also believe that a lot of the Royal Engineers had them, but can't find any photographs. I suspect that at least some members of 1st Airborne Recce and 21st Independent Parachute Company (the Pathfinders) would have acquired them.
    The ten Dutch Commandos attached to the Division would have had them, but as they were assigned individually to unit HQs, they wouldn't have been manning 2" mortars (and would be in Green berets).

    1. Thanks a lot for the wealth of information Tamsin! Do you recommend the book you mentioned?

    2. You're welcome!

      If you want to find out more about the GPR's actions at Arnhem, then it's certainly one that I'd recommend. For the level of detail about platoon level actions (for CoC) you can't beat the books about individual units.

  7. Lovely work Nick, always a pleasure glaring over your painted figures.
    cheers John

  8. Beautifully done Nick...

    All the best. Aly

  9. Stunning, stunning work again, Nick! Camo work, berets w/badges, basing - all superbly done. BTW, maybe the guy with the Bergen is a crusty veteran transferred from the Commando's and has some close affinity with the weapon. :)

  10. Simply amazing painting! Beautiful work 😎

  11. Fantastic, and well worth the wait! :-)

  12. I love how you noticed that the the 2" mortar was being wrongly used for the scenario in questions. As much of a WW2 buff I am, I wouldn't have noted that discrepancy. Maybe for tanks I would but not infantry. And simply lovely work on all these minis. :)

  13. Your para force is nothing less then outstanding Nick! It's going to be great to see your entire Market garden forces on the tabletop!