22 September 2020

9. SS-Panzer-Division "Hohenstaufen"

Over the last couple of months I took a break from blogging as frankly I found it too much of a time sink. Real life meant the hobby in general was put on a back burner. So much so that I barely could muster the energy to do at least some painting. I'm still not back to my normal glacial output but at least I found the motivation to take some pictures of figures finished a few months ago already. So I'll start with what will be the core of my 9th SS "Hohenstaufen" (or any other SS unit involved in the fighting around Arnhem really) force for the eagerly expected but somewhat elusive future Operation Market Garden supplement for Chain of Command. Looks like this will be the first time ever I have a playable force ready even before the book is released.

Figures are an eclectic mix of Empress Miniatures, Foundry, Warlord Games and Artizan. Usually I stick with one manufacturer for any given force but was pleasantly surprised how well those ranges could work together. But given that even within the different Warlord Games plastic ranges there's a considerable discrepancy in bulk and size of the figures I wasn't too concerned actually. As long as the equipment was somewhere in the same ball park at least.

OK, enough with the blather. On with the pics:

1. Trupp:

2.nd Trupp:

3. Trupp:

The eagle eyed among you may have spotted there's only one lMG per Trupp/ section/ squad. And of course you're perfectly right. I'll add the option for a second lMG per Trupp later on, together with a 4th Trupp as a support choice.

Some of you may know the following SdKfz 251/9 from a few years back. I finally got some crewfigures to go with it. These fine chaps were originally from the Afrika Corps range by the Perry brothers but got press-ganged into my fledgling SS. They are a bit too lightly dressed for mid/ end September, but it's hard work to man a 75mm Stummel, eh?

Last but not least some detail shots of some of the figures:

Till next time!


  1. Very fine work there Nick, most inspirational.

  2. Great work as usual,Nick. Good to see you back .. the dark nights hiding from CV19 are an opportunity for some more productivity I think

  3. Top class and almost temps me to do late war CoC but early war first 👍

  4. Fantastic looking troops!
    Best Iain

  5. Outstanding quality !! one of the best German troops I have ever seen!

  6. lovely life like painting Nick, nice to see you work again after a bit of a break.
    cheers John

  7. Wow! well worth the wait Nick.
    Would love to see your figures grace the pages of the Market Garden supplement when it arrives.

  8. I completely sympathize with the ebb and flow of hobby mojo - it's natural and you shouldn't begrudge it, especially with your skills. Stunning work, mon ami. I especially like the 251/9 crew who are obviously 'enjoying' a warm autumn day. ;)

  9. Stunning work without a doubt Nick! Looks like your all set for Market Garden when it gets released.


  10. Jeez these are phenomenally well painted figures - cant think of an adequate superlative really!

  11. Splendid stuff as always Nick...
    Lovely clean work on the camo patterns

    All the best. Aly

  12. Blogging is indeed a time sink and one that offers scant rewards at times. But I am mightily glad you are posting again and the work you have on show here are simply ... excellent! :)

  13. Always amazing stuff Nick, just incredible. As others have said, great to see you sharing your work, it's always inspiring.

    Don't the "marching" MG teams make you crazy? I hate those sculpts from Warlord (although your painting certainly is stunning)...sorry, that's just my bias. Well done sir!

    1. Thanks Greg! No, I actually quite like marching/ running AND prone poses even for my support weapon teams ;-)

  14. Fantastic. Really great work. It's good to see that the Foundry early war Wehrmacht do not look out of place at all as late war SS also.

  15. Absolutely Ace brushwork! Each fig is like a mini dio. Outstanding unit thus far!