Saturday, 11 January 2020

Jackboots and Coal Scuttle Helmets

At long last the first post of the year. Since before Christmas Eve I'm plagued by a nasty cold that, while having eased off in between just enough to get in a game with mate ChrisS and meet up with some friends, is restricting my painting output severely. Sneezing and coughing all over half painted miniatures all the time isn't exactly my idea of fun, so progress is slow to say the least.

Whining aside, I've actually managed to paint up my submission for the "Millsy's Millpond" location in this years iteration of the infamous Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

With eleven men this squad of jackbooted German Landser is maybe a little on the big side, but an extra rifle man could well come in handy here or there. The figures are from the Wargames Foundry small but excellent range of WW2 Germans sculpted by the Perry twins back in the day.

I'm not exactly sure when they were first released but am rather confident that it must have been well before the change of the millenium. Should one of my esteemed followers have some idea as to their exact release date I'd be keen to know.

While a tad on the small side when compared with more recent castings I'll happily mix these with the current Warlord Plastics which make up the bulk of my Early War German force. In my humble opinion the sculpts have aged well and the figures were a joy to paint.
I hadn't actually intended to beef out my Germans with Foundry ones but the riflemen were part of a deal for some British Paras I made a while ago while LMG and NCO were purchased recently during the Foundry Christmas sale. Amongst some other bits and bobs, but more of that at a later date... maybe.

So that's it. My first post for 2020. Hope you all are well and 2020 will turn out to be a good one for you all!


  1. Splendid additions Nick, have to agree on the figures well up to snuff and certainly easier to clean up.
    Hope the cold as abated and all the best for 2020, look forward to seeing more of your output which is always an inspiration.

  2. Foundry WWII is great and when given a paint job like yours are elevated to fantastic! Look forward to seeing them on the tabletop.


  3. What a great way to open your account fro 2020! Stunning work as usual, masterful!

  4. Fantastic work on these German soldiers, Moiterei! Always been a fan of your art style and I still am ^_^

  5. Absolutely brilliant - I love these figures; some of the Perrys' best work. Very nice indeed. Not sure when they were released but I would say in the mid-1990s as a guess (and still some of the best WWII figures around).