Thursday, 25 February 2016

5th AHPC VI submission: More 15mm Caesarian Romans

This years Painting Challenge seems to be rather slow going for me. Nonetheless here's my latest installment in the challenge.

I'm still alive and slowly beavering away on my 15mm Late Republican/ Caesarian Roman project for Impetus. Not much progress was made but I felt a sign of life was due.

First are a base of Germanic Skirmishers who will fight alongside my Romans as allies. As my mate ChrisS went for Germans as opponents for my Romans I decided it would only be logical for me to incorporate a few Germanic allies into my army. Probably from a tribe on loggerheads with Chris' band of unwashed barbarians. Nothing wrong with letting these uncivilised animals kill each other before sending in the legions to mop up afterwards, eh?

Miniatures are Forged in Battle again and I'm still impressed with the quality of their offerings. It wasn't till I was almost done with these when I realised I had painted their shields in the colours of my favourite football teams arch rivals. No harm though, this way it will only be easier to sacrifice them for the greater good I guess. Fortuna wills it.

The next base is of no real combat value in Impetus other than to be attached to another base in order to depict the unit to which the General is attached to. I would have loved to include a pair of Lictors (no, not the Tyranid ones from 40k) carrying their fasces to symbbolize the high ranking status of the general but unfortunately I wasn't able to track some down in 15mm. Well, at least not till the base was finished and I happened to stumble across *these*. Next time I'd say...

The General is supposed to depict Gaius Iulius Caesar, but in all honesty I don't see much of a resemblance here.

In order to not make it look silly when attaching the base to a unit of infantry I opted for a rather static pose with these miniatures.

So, that's it for today. All in all this entry should give me another whooping 30 points towards my goal but unfortunately not enough to catch up with ChrisS in our little side duel.


  1. Just marvellous, I still find it hard to believe that these are 15mm.

  2. Just outstanding work Nick! Really has me looking forward to trying my brush on these figures as well. Really looking forward to you bringing these along next visit so I can see them up close.


  3. Amazing work there! It's crazy how much detail you can pick out on 15mm's!

  4. stunning ditails for a 15mm minis great work!

  5. I'm still fan of your minis ! Great job on your paintings and your bases, we can feel the atmosphere of the German frontier. ;-)

  6. Superb, you clearly have the sharp eyes and steady hand of a neurosurgeon! Your skin tones are my favorite here and there is so much to like.

  7. Really making this smaller scale look as good as your larger stuff - excellent :)

  8. They look wonderful! Amazing paint job and fantastic bases as well...