Sunday, 14 February 2016

4th AHPC VI submission: 15mm Caesarian Roman Heavy Cavalry (32 Points)

With workload increasing to a completely unexpected level, I not only had no time swinging the brushes, but also to post my latest entry to the challenge. If things continue to eat up even the last bit of my spare time I can hardly see me reaching my goal of 500 points in this years challenge, let alone beating my friend Chris in our side challenge. But enough with the whining, here's the painted lead:
Once again work got in the way of enjoyable and civilized pastime. Nonetheless I thought it appropriate to show a sign of life, no matter how small. Thus I present to you eight 15mm Caesarian Romans from Forged in Battle/ Westwind Miniatures. The miniatures are based for use as heavy cavalry in Impetus.

Except for some minor casting issues (the feet on some of the riders were not fully cast) these, once again were a blast to paint. I think I even enjoyed painting horses for the first time in my hobby career.

A few years back I started a Caesarian Roman project in 28mm, which, due to various reasons, never got off the ground. As mentioned in my last post I'm planning to go 15mm for some of my future projects, so I thought it might be the right time to revive this old favourite of mine only in a smaller scale. And no Curt, 20mm is no option ;-) While the AB figures are certainly nice, I simply can't get to grips with that particular scale painting wise. Don't want to rant again about the subject, but 20mm to me is quite a half-assed thing. Somewhere in between the pro's and con's of 28mm and 15mm. I'll stick with 20mm for my modern stuff, as decent Bundeswehr is hard to find in both the other scales, but nothing else... as of yet ;-)

As I want my force to be based on Legio X Equestris I went for a heavily stylized bull on the signum. Thinking about how unwilling I normally am to do free hands I'm actually quite chuffed with how it turned out. The shields only got a basic geometrical design copied from Heresy Brush's take on the very same figures (sorry can't find an image for illustration).

This should give me another 32 points to add to my total. This also helps me to cement* (well, 'cement' might be a bit over enthusiastic) my lead in the 'Bavarian challenge' with 285 (Having already added the 20 points from the bonus round entry) straight points vs. ChristopherS's 244 points.

*By the time writing this Chris of course already outpaced me by a formidable 49 points.


  1. Top notch cavalry, they look superb!!

  2. Nice work. Check out Underfire Minatures. Bill is bringing out East and West Germans in 28mm for Cold War. I'm going to stick with 20mm for my moderns. Strangely I have always struggled with 15mm as a scale!

  3. Cracking work as usual Nick and your free hand worked a charm! All of it to include the painting and basing is great! Horses are indeed a challenge and they fact you actually enjoyed these says something. Looking forward to seeing them live!


  4. Wonderfully painted and based. Love the shield motifs too. I've only painted 15mm once before (a small DBA army), but know it is just as challenging as 28mm, in some way even more difficult. Impressive work as always!

  5. Great painting and basing :)
    Great to see your work in a different scale too.

  6. Gorgeous detail Nick, even at 15mm!

  7. Any reader could be forgiven for thinking you've posted up 28s! Lovely painting and perfect basing to boot!

  8. Amazing paintjobs there! Those Forged in Battle minis really are a treat. One of the best 15mm ancient ranges. And very comprehensive as well!

  9. Excellent painting and impessive basing. 15mm ? Can´t believe it...

  10. The horseflesh looks very impressive Nick and I like the shade of red on the cloaks.

  11. That's a beautiful shade of red. Is VMC Burnt Cadmium involved? Were there other reds too? Beautiful.

    1. Thank you FeM. Yes, the cloaks are done using VMC Cadmium red. For Plumes and shields I used the Scarlet triade by Foundry.