Sonntag, 23. August 2015

Early War German Kradschützen Squad

Today I added the finishing touches to my German Kradschützen Squad. These were sitting in my drawer for some time now but somehow I always found another excuse why I had to paint up something else before.

While I'm over all quite pleased with how they came out I really hated putting them together. The arms of the drivers somehow never seemed to fit and quite a lot of sanding, twisting and green stuff were needed... and still some of them look off on closer inspection.

Added to this I managed to throw down one of the Krads with Beiwagen just after having finished the painting. Well... of course it shattered to pieces and I had to do major repair and repaint work.

For the first time I experimented with printed out propaganda posters and news papers to add a little more interest to the bases. Still need some other clutter to throw in in order to make it really look like the remains of an bombed out town or the like.

Honestly I really planned on adding at least 2-3 squads of Kradschützen to my Blitzkrieg force as I absolutely love how they look on the table and besides is there anything more iconic to the early stages of the war than some Kradschützen? But after the pain they were to put together I decided to wait for someone doing them in plastic one day... maybe.

Don't know how they'll fare in a game of Bolt Action yet but at least they're off the table now and as I'm probably loosing anyway it really doesn't matter how my troops perform as long as they do look cool.

The rank and helmet insignia again are decals from Warlord Games. At some point I want to add dismounted versions of these guys but I think this can wait a little longer.

So that's it for the moment! I hope you enjoyed and have a nice week.


  1. Well done sir! They look amazingly good. I like the basing too.

  2. Gorgeous!

    I asked you this on the LAF as well and I don't want to be a bother to you, but.....Can you give me a list of the paints you used on these? I have one of the models and would love to use your work as a guide. It will be months before I begin working on it as I've a lot to learn yet.

    Also, where did you buy the bases?

  3. Marvelous - each one a mini diorama/vignette.

  4. An absolute visual delight - the posters, newspapers and debris on the bases came out exceptionally well!

  5. Stunning !!! Greate bases to, really add to the minis.

  6. Superb painting on figures and bases and worth all the hard work. Shame about the drop but you have done an excellent repair as now good as new. The scattered newspaper on the ground is a very nice touch.
    Likewise I haven't gamed with mine yet but they should be fun.

  7. Once again, I love your paint job and your awesome bases...great additions sir!

  8. fabulous!
    great summer painting work!


  9. Nick these are absolutely stunning, masterful brushwork Sir!

  10. Excellent models! I have the DAK versions of those, and haven't been able to fit them together yet... someday I will have to finish them.

  11. I'm soory to hear that they were such a pain in... well you know where... to assemble but the result was worth the work without any doubt. You performed an excellent job on those and I hope to see some more Kradschützen sooner or later.

    Well done, Nick!

  12. Amazing work on them! The propaganda posters and magazines on the bases are a great addition. Really adds to the atmosphere.

    Too bad about the issues with fit. It seems to be with all motorcycle models. I've yet to see one that would go together without loads of fixing needed.

  13. Freaking awesome! So many beautiful touches...

  14. Unbelievable ... you are one of very few artists I know who can paint greys and make it look good. It's easy to paint bright colours and look good but to make greys and greens combine and pop, that takes skill which you have in abundance. Well done!

  15. Wow! These look great Nick! Let's just face it Kradschützen are cool and when painted this nice are a real pleasure to view!