Sunday, 20 April 2014

DUST Tactics in Greyscale

Well, since I stumbled over Curt's WW1 in Greyscale project over on his blog I knew I had to try this out one day. As I recently started a spring clean out I found these two figures from the game DUST Tactics and suddenly inspiration struck.

First I thought it hard to find the suitable shades of grey but within a few minutes I knew where I wanted to go with these figures.

-The Chef-
I went for a bit more greyish setting than Curt who judging from the pics seems to go more for a sepia like appearance.

-The Priest-
Painting in grey not only proofed to be pretty fast but it was jolly fun too. I'm pretty sure these won't be the last figures I painted this way. Unfortunately though my cam seems to absorb some of the highlights on this last figure.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed!


  1. Well this is unexpected! You have been doing a rash of experiments lately. It looks great of course and I'm curious to see what else you come up with.


  2. Very very cool work! Impressed!

  3. These look damn fine. I do especially like the fellow in the cooks hat!

  4. EXCELLENT much better than rebasing Romans ;-)

  5. Super stuff :)
    I love the detail and attention we can give to the shades of grey and brown and green in this 'hobby'... when does it become 'art'...?

  6. Sehr, sehr gut! I mag deine Figuren sehr!!!

  7. Ah, lovely! I really like the cook and it's good to see my 'cheap-ass cobblestone effect' being put to good use. Bravo Nick!

  8. Wow !
    Until now I haven't been a fan neither of Dust Tactics nor of Greyscale Painting. But this work is really excellent. You brought out the character of the figures nicely and the colour spots underline your work perfectly.

    Awesome stuff!


  9. Excellent! That has a certain striking SinCity feel to it (I guess due to adding red as the only colour - great move of yours!)


  10. I'm not really into this sci-fi stuff but the painting is excellent!

  11. Very nice painting work; really interesting this way.