Thursday, 12 December 2013

Fall of the western Empre 16: Saxon Scop

To be able to play Dux Britanniarum against my brother or some friends at the local club normally not too much into historical wargaming I decided to continue with my saxons for Dux.

As there are already some unarmoured guys these will form two units of warriors so there is still a unit of six warriors, two groups of six elite hearthguard, two nobles, one champion and one Lord to do.

At the moment totally useless but great to paint was this little guy I finished today:

As I already mentioned in my last post I was inspired by Pat's post on a campaign for Dux Britanniarum to do something more colourful. So this Saxon Scop by Musketeer-Miniatures came just about right. Actually the figure was already based and basecoated for Curt's 4th annual painting challenge  but I couldn't withstand the desire to paint him immidiately.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for viewing!


  1. Drool! Lovely, lovely work here. I love the stripes, skin tones, and your basing!

  2. Fantastic paintjob and basing! The work on the clothes is really excellent...

  3. Stunning paint work, love the detail, very impressive !

    best regards Michael

  4. He looks just great Nick and nice detailing on the cloak! Hopefully you will convert a few to Dux B.


  5. Brilliant work, Nick


  6. Great paintjob.
    Absolutely excellent !