05 November 2017

International Brigades Bofors Anti-Tank gun

While lecturing about the lack of need for dedicated Anti-Tank support weapons in Bolt Action in my last post, I still liked this little cutie too much not to paint it up.

The Bofors 37mm gun was used in small numbers by the Republicans during the Spanish Civil War. Its performance was roughly comparable of that of the contemporary German 3.7cm PaK 36 as used by the Nationalists.

Again it's a quality sculpt by my all-time favourite sculptor Mr. Paul Hicks and available through the fine chaps at Empress Miniatures.

Again I kept it fairly generic in order to field it as both Republican and Nationalist in case matey Axebreaker one day comes round to finish his own SCW International Brigades.


  1. Amazingly detailed painting a real pleasure to view
    cheers John

  2. stunning work! i very like your choice of colors!

  3. A fabulous unit, congrats!

  4. Superbly painted and based as always. You make otherwise drab uniforms look stunning!

  5. That does look fab, I really ought to get one of my own.

  6. Great job! Follow your armies in the Civil War in Spain

  7. Simply stunning - both painting and basing.

    It's always a pleasure to look at your little art works and try to learn a bit or two from you ;-)

  8. Yet another stunning piece of work Nick! Of course a must see item next time you come over!


  9. An awesome piece! I like the gritty look and your painting style.

  10. Yet more great work. You can do no wrong with these miniatures.

  11. Lovely little gun and figures.

  12. Go Sweden go ;) glad that you use a Swedish designed Bofors at Gun. I really like that model by Mr Hicks.

    Your paintwork are most exellent !!!

  13. Really really nice once again! I love your weapon teams so much...the basing and composition ist always spot on!

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