Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Short round up of 2013 and a Happy New Year!

Well, with the long dreaded arrival of 2014 imminent it's time to make a short round up of the year gone by.
Therefore it's probably useful to  look what I was planning to do in 2013:

  • First of all I definitely will be completing my late romans. I'm not that happy with my output over the last weeks as I was hoping to get these guys done in 2012. At the moment there are still 24 footsloggers and four men of cavalry left.-Fully achieved, in fact I did a bit more-
  • Second I'm planning on doing some 28mm crusaders for IMPETUS. As I already have some plastics knights and footsergeants from Fireforge Games the headstone for the project has already been placed. With my decision to do base these for IMPETUS I'll be leaving the solid ground of single basing my miniatures for the first time. On the other hand by using multi bases it will be possible to tell a little story with every unit I think. -Big Fail. I did exactly two figures and decided to sell the stuff-
  • Third  there are some 15mm Germans and Americans waiting for beeing painted. These guys will be single based again as they will (hopefully) see battles using Bolt Action, Battlegroup Kursk and (or more likely) upcoming supplements as well as Agis Neugebauer's Victory Decision. Why using 15mm for all this? Over the past months it became more and mor obvious to me that I'll never be able to paint up as much 28's for WWII as I would need in order to play the rulesets mentioned above as they need too much time to be painted up to a standard I'm happy with. -Epic Fail. Infact I had to admit I'll probably never get rid of  my addiction to 28mm.
  • Fourth I'll maybe (a monstrous maybe) dive into the American Civil War as it's a very interesting setting to me. -Well what else could I say then failed? I did four figures before deciding to turn to other projects.
  • Fifth I would like to start a small late WWI german army perhaps using the great 15mm miniatures from Bluemoon Manufacturing. -I'd say success. I didn't go for 15mm but purchased quite a bunch of well painted 28mm figures and am still adding some stuff.
  • Sixth there are some Perry Normans laying around for some time now, waiting to complete my norman warband for SAGA. -Fail again. I think they'll probably won't see daylight for quite some time as my interest in Normans suddenly faded.-
  • Seventh I'm planning to replace my plastics saxons from Gripping Beast in my saxon SAGA warband with some Westwind saxons and goth/ germans from Musketeer Miniatures as I don't like the look of the plastics any more. -I wouldn't say success but I did some figures and will paint some during 2014 to get them on the table for Dux Bellorum.-
Well, you see... most of my goals for 2013 were abandoned somewhere along the road. But I'm sure most of you will know this problem called shiniytus :-)
All in all I did manage to paint some 179 miniatures. This number includes infantry, cavalry, casualty markers, Artillery pieces armoured cars as well as some tanks. So I think I can be quite happy with what I did in 2013.

What am I planning to do in 2014? 
I have to confess I'm not too sure about it yet. But there are two or three things I really want to do.
  • First and foremost I want to get all the stuff painted I prepared for Curt's Annual Analogue Hobby Challenge. This includes some Fallschirmjäger, British Paras for Bolt Action (500 pts. worth of), some more early Saxons, some republican Romans and some odds and ends.
  • After the challenge I want to add to my Late Romans and the Early Saxons in order to have two well sized forces for Dux Bellorum and later on Impetus. Actually I think I could already field a 32 pts. Roman force for Dux with 5 or 6 points of allied Saxons. Though there are so much nice figures out there...
  •  And as my second big goal I'm aiming at completing a Great War Russian Army to fight my Germans. As an aside I want to use the Russians as Whites to attend to Partisan-Con in 2014. That's a small RCW/BoB Con in Mannheim Germany. You can find some nice pictures from the 2013 Con *here* (text in German).
So you see I'm not as ambitious as for 2013.
Now there's nothing more to say than:

I wish all my followers and fellow bloggers A Happy New Year and may 2014 see you completing all your goals!


  1. Thanks for the round up! I wish you best luck with your projects - and hearthly recommend to add those Perries to your painting list (if not, I know someone who would trade/buy them *ahem*) ;-)

  2. As an avid reader of your blog, I'd say you didn't fail at all. You merely had to limit your successes to the time available. And I'd say you did very well indeed! ;-)

    Happy New Year and I'm looking forward to your work in 2014.

  3. Happy new year to you too and thanks for your blog! Enjoyed it very much in 2013

  4. I know what you mean about 15mm. Look forward to seeing more of your excellent painting in 2014.
    Happy New Year,

  5. Happy New Year, I wont be making plans for the year ahead as they keep changing as often as the shinyitis break out.

  6. Don't worry about not finishing things because of lose of interest or distractions as that's a very common thing with us wargamers. I'm looking forward to seeing your projects in particular your Dark Ages as Dux Bellorum looks very interesting to try out.
    Happy New Year and good luck!


    1. Ooops sorry it should say "loss" and not "lose" in the first sentence.


  7. Happy 2014...shall look forward to seeing your plans coming along :)

  8. Happy New Year, here's to a great 2014 and more of your superb painted miniatures!

  9. Happy New Year. Good with your plans for the year ahead!

  10. Hi Nick,
    Happy New Year!
    Wish you all the best and may the brushes be with you.

  11. Happy new year and best wishes for the 2014 list of projects!

  12. Happy New Year! You may not have accomplished all your goals (who does?) but you did get a whole lot done. I hope your 2014 is more to your liking and I'm looking forward to seeing your progress.

  13. Wishing you a very happy new year. I look forward to being a better follower of your blog and watching your progress in 2014.

  14. Happy new Year !
    So, three out of seven ain´t that bad. I would call it an overall success :)