Saturday, 28 December 2013

Impressione: Saga 'Clash of Empires'

Last week Chris (Aka Axebreaker) and me had a game of SAGA. He pitted his new Early Saxons (using the Viking Battleboard) against my Late Romans (using the Anglo-Saxon Battleboard). We played the 'Sacred Ground' scenario from the basic ruleset. In this scenario you have to accumulate as many victory points (VP) as possible. These you gain by the number of troops you have on the three terrain features and of course by killing the troops of your opponent. For the Warlord on the terrain you gain three VP's, every Hearthguard warrior gives you one point and every second normal warrior or levy generates one point.

A Wicca Priest as guardian of the holy grove  .

The Saxons ready to wage war amidst the holy places
View over the opposing armies
The roman cavalry enters the holy grove
The priest failes to persuade the romans to leave the sacred ground
Do you see the fear in their eyes?
The romans marching on to seize the objectives

Frontlines clashing (Trees were put aside for ease of gaming)
Despite heavy losses the Romans stand their ground and push aside the saxon onslaught
Another corner of the battlefield heavily contested
The objective on the right flank secured by the roman levies
Again the priest tries to save his sacred grove

The Romans still stand firm
On the right flank the Saxons try to evict the Romans of the objective...
...and bitterly fail
Battle rages on the other objectives too
Final clash of the Warlords

Despite Chris killing my Warlord in the end he lost the game because of my force accumulating way more VP's. It was a great game and we had lots of fun. Chris wasn't too impressed about SAGA after our last game but this time he really seemed to enjoy it. Using the Anglo-Saxon Battleboard for the armies of Rome and the Viking-Battleboard for the early Saxons definitely did the job.

Thanks for viewing and hope you enjoyed!


  1. Greate looking game !!!

    Think you did the right decision to use the Anglo-Saxon Battleboard for the armies of Rome and the Viking-Battleboard for the early Saxons.

    Best regards Michael

  2. The sacred grove is a hard one to win if you are not on the objectives early, but it is good fun

  3. Very nice game, with splendid photos...I love your ground and the vegetation...and of course, the figures!

  4. Great looking game, lovely photowork!

  5. Nice idea to convert the battle board to late Romans vs Early Saxons...there must be other periods that might work similarly?

  6. Great eye candy! And clever idea to change up with the forces and battleboards.

  7. Lovely figures and a great looking table.
    Good to see Early Saxons and Late Romans making an apperance.

  8. It was a great game Nick and thanks for posting pics of it! I think we proved it's easy to use the battle boards for different periods as it worked quite well. Your right I did enjoy the second time around of SAGA more and will for sure play more games! Nightfall saved your Roman hide as your Warlord slide off the blade of my Warlord. Seriously though, well played Nick as you kept your eyes on the scenario objective and deservedly won the game. However, I want revenge!


  9. Great looking game - Saga is always good for a fun, fast game!