Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Rush for Berlin 9: Ferdinand & friends

Last day of july and I actually managed to finish some stuff. As the heat finally ebbed away, or at least for now, I felt able to get some painting done.

At some point this year I want to try out the 'Bolt Action' ruleset from Warlord Games and therefore I need some more Germans and definitely some more armour.

The fourth man for my recently finished PaK40...

You never have enough MG 42's...

Here I tried the Sumpftarn pattern... unfortunately it doesn't work that well with the splinter pattern.

More Panzerfäuste!!!

 Ok, now on to the heavy stuff. Recently I bought myself a 'Ferdinand' Tankhunter from So what to say about this beast... oh well, it's absolutely stunning. Lovely details, clean casting and well researched. If you ever have the urgent need for some heavy german armour not named like a kitty (Ok... official designation was Panzerjäger Tiger) you should give it a try.
Unfortunately there's no set available to upgrade it to it's modified 'Elefant" Version for use after 1943 but I think my gaming mates will be forgiving about such a small detail.
If you want to read more about the Ferdinand/ Elefant:

This time I tried to do without too much weathering...

Here you can see what a beast the Ferdinand actally is... note the miniatures standing on bases.

As you've been waiting for updates on the blog for far too long I shot some staged photos of a German - Soviet clash in early spring 1945. Somewhere in Böhmen...

PaK40 looking for prey...

Even in the heat of fighting there's time for some chatter...

Reinforcements rushing to the front.

Commissar urging forward his men...

T-34 lurking behind the trees...


  1. They look great! I'm really impressed with your brushwork on the camo smocks

  2. Stunning work here. These figures all shine, and great work on the Ellie! Hannibal would be both impressed, and proud of this version.

  3. Very nice work Nick and that tank hunter really turned out great!


  4. Greate paint work !!!

    Love the action pictures !

    Best regards Michael

  5. Love the camo on the minis and the Ferdinand... Great job!!
    stunning looking game table to... :)

  6. Grossartig! Gute Bilder!!! Weiter so! :)