Monday, 22 July 2013

Dux Britanniarum Campaign: II & III Game

 For more than two weeks I didn't even see my painting table. It was simply to hot to even take up the brush and my profession as an "Airconditioning & Refrigeration" craftsman led to me running round in circles at work. But after Chris writing up a short report about our last games of 'Dux Britanniarum' over on his Blog, I had to get my arse up too. As I can't remember the details correctly I'd recommend to you to check back on his Blog for further details.

Theodosius could almost hear the chatter behind his bag. "The simple" they called him nowadays when they thought he was out of earshot. 'Was it my fault that these drunken bastards didn't get up in time to catch the saxons before they could raid the church of Sheepsend?", he mused.
It was time to knock some heads together, Theodosius decided and went of to get his soldiers back on proper duty. 
"Maybe I should start with Ellifer the old crock...", Theodosius wondered quietly "...the boys don't call him Dungbreath for nothing."

Two weeks later Eliffer stood on a hill and tried to shirm his eyes from the sun. Far in the east he believed to see the towers of his (at least for the moment) kings castle. With a awkward motion he rubbed his head and turned back to the men this son of a humiliore Theodosius has sent with him to scout the western parts of the kingdom for any signs of the saxons. "Of course we didn't see anything near to a saxon" he muttered and spat out. "This dickhead wanted to make an example of me, wanted to silence me because I told the truth about his failure at this church." Caught in his own thoughts he didn't realise the blinking of speartips and the scratching of shields against chainmail to the north. Just as it was almost to late Brutus, his second in command, let out a nervous shout...

Fabula de primo bello:

The first game was about the saxons had to catch a noble, on his way back from scouting, for ransom.
The lay of the land. Maybe you, dear rambler, now get a concept why to fight for this forgotten piece of earth.

Some farmers steads

The kings castles gatehouse

Standing guard

The forces formed up to meet the agressors

Ready for battle

"Get moving! We're almost home!" Ellifer the Dungbreath trys to encourage his men

Maybe he should have brushed his teeth or at least take some mentos ...
The saxon dogs greedy for some ransom...

The garrison moves out to intercept the bastards.

They close in fast

Dungbreath orders a group of his soldiers to sacrifice themselves for him to escape

"Come on! They mustn't get me! I have children and a wife...  (at least maybe I'll have some in the future)"

"Get up from your knees! Why are you kneeling when my life is in danger?"

The brave (but utterly birdbrained) comitatenses meet the saxon onslaught

The last two comitatenses decide for better fighting another day

Dungbreath the fearfull crossing his own lines

Theodosius forming a shieldwall to meet the savage intruders...

...but some saxons make it for Dungbreath and so he has to fight on his own.

The Limitanei in shieldwall stand their ground against the vain buggers.

After Dungbreath made it to safety (not in the picture) Theodosius orders his troops to disengage one after another

...but the saxons keep hot on their heeles

Finally the last of the Limitanei break free...

... and heed straight for their castle.
It's done. On this nights bonfire Eliffer the Dungbreath tells the story of his heroic escape and how he was to face the saxon threat bare of any help, all on his own.

Fabula de secundo bello:

In the second game Chris's saxons had to raid a farm for some food or gold. After having a closer look on the farm the interested reader will recognise there will at most be some pumpkins to take for the saxons.

Once again the lay of the land... obviously the farmer built another barn.. maybe for his wife... or to better store the pumpkins.

Undetected by the (propably drunken) defenders the saxons make for the small farmstead.

The first of the defenders enter the field of battle...

only to discover the saxons already closed in on the first hut.

Some heavy maneuvering on the flanks...

...before the first troops can at least see the enemy.

From an already desperate commanders view...

"Come on you donkeys! We'll push them back to where they came from!"

"...or maybe we should better disengage to regroup"

The archers heroic stand their ground...

...just to retreat some steps to loosen their arrows on the enemy one last time.

Theodosius with Gildas, his champion, and Eliffer Dungbreath watch the last stand of the archers...

...just to witness how they get totally wiped out.

One can almost hear the saxons bellowingin their guttural language.

"Pull back! To fight on is in vain"

Palatinae and comitatenses in full retreat...

...while the Limitanei once again stand their ground but the saxons decide to let them go and take their precious pumpkins with them.

I hope you had fun and happy painting!


  1. Well done. Thanks for posting.

  2. Very well done Nick and a much more in depth report then my quick mutterings! I'm really looking forward to the next game and hopefully I'll have more Saxons and less Vikings in action. Ahh the joys of pillaging!:-)


  3. Wow! I could never tire of seeing such fabulous quality on the table - a great report.

  4. Stunning pictures and AAR !

    Looked like you had some realy nice games running.

    best regards Michael

  5. Eye candy! Lovely to look at AAR!

  6. Great report - seem to be a wonderful game!

  7. A great report, with a wonderful battlefield!

  8. Great AAR, the terrain and minis look ACE!!

  9. Great looking minis and table. You've got me thinking of moving to Austria so I can join in! =]

  10. I have just left a comment over on Christopher's blog, a great campaign going on there and your Romans look superb.
    I will be back out to Austria once again for my family summer holiday, unfortunately I wont be able to join in as wargaming will be strictly off limits for the 2 weeks.

  11. Bloody brilliant! A great AAR and a gorgeous game - Bravo!

  12. Just discovered this...
    A great looking table and an atmospheric AAR. Since weeks I´m torn between buying Dux or better not. Another report like this and it might happen that I have a new project to care about

  13. Very good-looking scenery. It gives a lot of inspiration.