Thursday, 24 January 2013

Fall of the western Empire 9: Last of the Limitanei

After two weeks of a hard time at work I was finally able to get the last four of my Limitanei/ Pseudocomitatenses ready for battle. This gives me a legal 4pts. Warband for SAGA. To finish (at least for a while) this project there are only two groups of Comitatenses comprising of eight figures each and three mounted Palatinae/ Advocati left to give me a reasonable sized 7pts. Warband. As 6pts. is the regular gaming size this allows me to customize the army to a certain degree. As I don't think I'll set this army on a backburner for long there will be lots more stuff to choose from. At the moment I'm thinking about some ballistas and scorpios as well as some cataphracts. Not sure how to play these in SAGA though.

Here as always some closeups:

First two figures by Musketeer-Miniatures with LBM Decals, while the last two are from Westwind with handpainted roundshields from Gripping Beast.

Hope you enjoy!


  1. Again, nice additions. Well done for the whole assembly!

    Regarding supplementary troops, it depends on which battleboard you're using (sorry, if I missed that bit). The Byzantines, as found in Wargames Illustrated 301, are – unsurprisingly, though – a good stand-in for Late Romans.
    However, since SAGA has this "close quarters" approach, artillery is probably best represented as firing from off-table. At least, that's what I'm planning to do. ;-) The actual model might then just stand on the edge of the table in order to indicate the direction of incoming fire. I have some more ideas for that, but still untested.


  2. Stunning paint job !!!

    best regards Michael

  3. Wonderful figures and shields!