Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Fall of the western Empire 8: Another Bunch of Limitanei

After painting up the first mounted Palatinae I switched back to the Limitanei or more like pseudocomitatenses leaving the pain of painting horses for the end of the project.

Some closeups:

Again these are almost all figures from the Late Roman/ Early Byzantine Range by Musketeer-Miniatures with shield transfers by Little Big Men Studios though the one hurling the spear/ javelin comes from the Arthurian Range by Westwind Productions with a handpainted shield from Gripping Beast.

The last bunch of Limitanei is already on the workbench only waiting for the last details beeing made.

Yesterday I stumbled across  an absolutely stunning Late Roman Army for Impetus by Little Tin Men. If you like Late Romans you should give 'em a look!