28 October 2012

Writing my own SAGA 2: Another two buildings

As I'm realy excited by the quality of the Dark Age buildings by Gripping Beast I finished the other two dwellings sitting on my table and waiting for some paint for much too long now.

I think I'll order some more of them, as they aren't that expensive and in my opinion realy add a nice touch to every battlefield. At least I think I'll order the church and the two larger buildings. But until this will happen there are some other things that are waiting to be done on my Terrain-To-Do list. First there will be some rocks using the "Fritz II" method and one or two acres for the village in spe. Maybe I'll build a pigsty too... we will see.

Thanks for viewing!


  1. Looks much better than my own trials on the same models. Very well done!


  2. They look very nice! I like the branch growing up the side.


  3. Hi,
    these buildings look very good. We should meet at Christopher as soon as possible.
    And of course I am very proud to read about the so called "Fritz II"-method.

  4. wow! i only know the gripping beast-building from their website. you have mad a tremendous paintjob!!!

    howdy - my naming of mikes rockmaking-method is getting more and more public :-) great stuff!