30 October 2016

Final Fallschirmjäger installment... for now

I would never have guessed it when I (re-) started work on my Fallschirmjäger force for Bolt Action, but I actually managed to paint up all the figures I had sitting in the lead pile for this particular project. Well, the white metal ones that is. I've not yet decided if I'll go down the plastic way for future reinforcements or if I'll bite the bullet and stay with heavy metal.
At the moment that doesn't matter that much though, as the force is at about 1600 points now and as such more than fully playable.

As mentioned in previous posts I'll be using the Fallschirmjäger Theatre Selector from 'Duel in the sun' for this force and as such there were several choices I still needed to round out my force.

While personally I don't really field a medic all that often in games of BA (he doesn't tend to be very useful for a poor dice jockey like me who only comes up with sixes when he needs ones) but still it's nice tohave the option I guess. I would have loved to have a stretcher bearer to accompany the medic but there are none for Fallschirmjäger. So I might just go ahead and convert one or two at some point.

Next is the Forward Observer. In the list you're only allowed to take an Air Observer which would be ok for let's say up to Sicily or the early Italian campaign, but for later in the war I'd still use him as Artillery Observer too.

With the arrival of Bolt Action 2nd Edition Officers got an even more important role to play. And while I'm certainly no one who dumps historical accuracy in favour of gaming effectiveness I thought it fitting to have a Major to accompany my Fallschirmjäger into battle.

The Theatre Selector lets you take a second Panzerschreck team and thus, in a bid to increase my somewhat meagre Anti-Tank capability, here's team No. 2. Of course it did also help that I really love this set.

For ease of storage I did magnetize all the bases, using rare earth magnets inserted into the bases. Thus the whole force can be easily transported and stored in a nice, small metal box.

After Chris and my last game (of course I got my back side handed to me) I jumped at the chance to take a group shot using his excellent ruined farm house as a background.

That's it for today. Thanks for stopping by and have a nice sunday!


  1. Very impressive looking force! And congratulations on finishing a project! It's always a great feeling (and gives a good excuse to get more goodies)!

  2. Wonderful final additions to a beautiful force. Thanks for sharing - it's been really helpful for me getting my mate war Volksgrenadier force off the ground.

  3. Stunning work yet again and having seen them up close I can attest to how the easily live up to the hype. Looking forward to round two tomorrow!


  4. Wonderful painting once again Nick and a great painting reference for me to keep coming back to.
    I love the worn effects on the helmet of the medic and panzerschrek operator. What was your method and colours for doing this, if you don't mind sharing?

  5. excellent work, like your storage idea
    cheers John

  6. Stonking work Nick! I'm always in awe of your shading and blending.

    PS: Stick to metals. Plastic degrades, the weight feels weird and often the poses feel contrived. Just my 2 shillings.

  7. Absolutely stunning collection !!!

  8. That's a fantastic collection ... awesome in every way.

  9. Top notch figures, they look wonderful!