Saturday, 19 March 2016

9th and final AHPC VI submission: 15mm Cold War Gone Hot

This sunday the 6th instalment of the (in)famous Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge is coming to a close. For me it was the third challenge I took part in and again it was great fun to be one of several dozen lunatics who joined this good hearted contest.
I didn't have as much time this year as I had hoped but still I'm quite pleased with what I achieved.
Thus here's my latest and last entry for this years challenge:

Not being someone known for his resilience when it comes to new shiny toys, the moment I saw the new Team Yankee stuff on the web, I knew I'd to get my hands on it at some point. Surprisingly, I managed to hold on until Tactica, but by then my resolve finally crumbled and I virtually threw my  cash at the fine people selling my newest object of desire.

As Bundeswehr will only be released later this year I first went for a soviet mechanised platoon. As addiction dictates and getting a bit carried away by my excitement, I forgot to buy their means of transport but instead acquired a whole company worth of T-72's. I'll probably never actually be able to field these in a single game. Only later was I to realise my 'little' mistake but at that time all available BMP's and other means of dapper transport for these fellows were already gone. No big deal though, as I need another squad to round out the platoon anyway. Looking at the platoon commander below I don't think it hurts these guys too much to be degraded to footsloggers for the time being. Seems like catering with the red army wasn't that bad after all.

Not being a big fan of the Flames of War rules I instead decided to go with the 'Cold War Gone Hot' supplement for Force on Force. Having enjoyed some games pitching regular versus irregular troops I'm rather curious to see how the game system copes with regular forces fighting it out against each other.

Both platoons comprise of a NCO with Ak-74, one guy with the infamous RPG 7, two with RPK light machine gun and three other fellows sporting AK 74's of whom one is also carrying a RPG-18 disposable anti-tank rocket launcher.

The figures are quite nice and painted up rather well, but the casting quality is a bit of a disappointment. Some miniatures suffered from huge amounts of flash and mould lines while others were disfigured by misaligned moulds. For the price Battlefront are asking for I'd expect a better quality control. For the next figures I'd maybe give Khurasan a try, if only shipping and customs weren't that disproportionate from the states.

I'm no expert on soviet armour but the plastic T-72 clearly is an improvement on the Shermans that came with the first FoW Open Fire starter set. Not quite happy with the colour (it's too green if you get my meaning) but our very own GregB already sent me his recipe for painting soviet armour. Thanks mate!

The box comes complete with decals and a set of plastic tank commanders which are quite nice.

16 foot figures, one tank and a half figure in 15mm should net me another 39 points. That's 574 points for the challenge and 499 points for the side duel.

As I pointed out in a previous post I'm away with work for the week ahead and probably won't get any more painting done in the meantime. So all that's left for me to do is to admit defeat to my good friend ChrisS. Well done Chris. I tip my hat to you Sir! Just let me know what figure you want me to paint for you.

As this will be my last post for this years challenge I've included the, by now, obligatory group shot. Even considering the missing Winter GI's and Halftrack, which are by now safe in g'old Great Britain, I'm definitely not disappointed by what I achieved during the last few weeks. Especially considering the limited time during the first month.

Now I feel it's time for a few last parting words. First of all I want to thank our beloved Mr. Snowman Snowlord for organising the challenge once again. As always it was a pleasure to be part of this hobby spectacle par excellence. My admiration also goes to Mrs. Sarah for enduring all this year after year on end. Of course we won't forget our trusty minions who, despite me being under direct administration of THE man himself, I dare to say made a fantastic job. I always enjoyed your good humoured comments. And last but not least my heart felt thanks to all my fellow participants for some excellent weeks. It was a pleasure!


  1. Once again it has been my absolute pleasure to see my miniatures alongside yours in the challenge. For me, the revelation this year was your 15mm work, which I kept thinking was 28mm such was its quality. Nick, you are such an inspiration to me and I look forward to see more of the same next year.

  2. Looks cool and impressive. I like the weathering of the tank.

  3. These are just utterly fantastic Nick! I really want to get look at these! Well done on the challenge and I'm sure if you had more time you would have beaten me.


  4. Superbly painted Soviets, Nick. Cold War stuff is so iconic - perfectly suited for historical and what-if scenarios.

  5. Stunning paintwork! I keep thinking they are 28's, very very well done!

  6. Cracking work Nick! It was fantastic to have both you and Christopher battling it out. Now, we need to work out the details to our annual figure exchange. :)

  7. Cracking work Nick! It was fantastic to have both you and Christopher battling it out. Now, we need to work out the details to our annual figure exchange. :)

  8. Very nice work. Did you use Foundry paints on these or Vallejo?