Monday, 14 March 2016

7th AHPC VI submission: 28mm Late Roman Ballistae

With the Challenge drawing to a close and me beeing away with work for the coming week, the last few days saw me frantically beavering away on a few unfinished items. So here's the first of three submissions for today. This one should see me safely reach my goal of 500 points.

With all that 15mm stuff I've done during the challenge I was itching to get  at least one more base for my 28mm Late Roman army for Impetus done. Beeing severely hampered by a lack of time I was in the urgent need of something quick to paint. So this set of two Roman Ballistae by Wargames Foundry came in more than handy.

As I can't stand clones, at least when there are only a hand full of figures to a base, I had to do some minor conversions to three of the crew members. Two head swaps and a slight repositioning of an arm later I was happy with the over all look. To round things off I added a suitably commanding looking Centurion from Westwind Miniatures and a body guard from Foundry.

As of yet I was never able to field artillery in one of our games so I'm quite curious to see how these will fare on the table. No better than any other freshly painted miniatures I guess.

Due to a lack of time I wasn't able to get hold of a fitting decal for the shield and had to resort to my rather under developed free hand skills for this one. The pattern is only remotely inspired by those from the Notitia Dignitatum so don't even try to bother me with historical accuracy.

The 50 points of this entry see me doing a precision landing on my goal of 500 points for this years challenge. Unfortunately that's not nearly enough in my side duel with ChrisS, giving me a mere 425 vs. his 504 points.


  1. Very impressive looking artillery. Love it.

  2. Beautyful base, very atmospheric.
    I made use of artillery with my roamsn in four games. One game was bad, because of inconsiderately deployment. Three times I had much fun with it...not so my opponent...

  3. I am, once again, in awe! Just fabulous Nick, I love everything about this.

  4. They look great! Will you pick up the coming plastic roman infantry?

    1. Thanks John. No, I won't, as there's so much nice stuff in metal out there I don't see the reason to go for plastics. Especially considering their cartoonish looks.

  5. Impressive work Nick! You've really kept yourself busy for the end of the challenge with all those entries!

  6. Absolutely stunning work Nick as usual! I'm really looking forward to both seeing them and trying them out in our next Impetus game!