05 December 2015

Fallschirmjäger Colour Guide

It has taken me a while to finish this and frankly I'm hardly doing anything on the hobby front lately.
Nonetheless here's my Colour Guide on how I do my Fallschirmjäger.

Step 1: As before the figure was undercoated using Vallejo Black Surface Primer.
The trousers were done using my recipe for Feldgrau as detailed in my 'Late War German Colour Guide'. For the Jumpsmock I used:

A VMC German Field Grey + VMC Green Grey (~2/1)
B VMC German Field Grey + VMC Green Grey (~1/2)
C VMC Green Grey
D VMC German Camo Beige

Step 2: Next in line were peaked cap and binoculars. I know it's a Heer peeked cap but I urgently wanted to have a Fallschirmjäger NCO sporting one.

Schirmmütze/ Peaked cap
A VMC German Luftwaffe Uniform
B Foundry Late Field Grey 78B
C Foundry Late Field Grey Light 78C
Feldstecher/ Binoculars and yellow piping
A Citadel Foundation Tausept Ochre
B Foundry Base Sand Shade 10A
C Foundry Base Sand  10B
D Foundry Base Sand Light 10C

Step 3: Paraphernalia like drinking cup, bread bag, Zeltbahn and the black leather on boots and belts were done like in the 'Late War German Colour Guide'

Step 4: The national emblem was done using a light grey. The ammunition pouches as most other German equipment came in myriads of different shades.

Munitionstaschen/ Ammunition pouches
A Foundry Drab Shade 12A
B Foundry Drab 12B
C Foundry Drab Light 12C

Step 5: For skin and metal parts I used the same recipes (well I guess you know by now...) detailed in the 'Late War German Colour Guide'

Again I hope this little guide was of some help for some of you. If there are any questions left feel free to ask in the comments.
Thank you for reading!


  1. Nice guide and great looking figure!

  2. It is such a treat to see how you paint your models Nick, thank you for taking the time to share.

  3. Another great and useful guide :)
    I will use this in the future for sure... it's likely I won't get near your excellent standard!

  4. Wonderful! Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Brilliant tutorial!

  6. Very nice tutorial again! And a great looking end result as well!

  7. Stupendous painting! I could never paint this neatly, or well. :-)

  8. Great paint job and tutorial too. I'm always happy to read any tutorial and pick the minds of better painters than me. Thanks Moiterei!

  9. Spitzen-qualität! Du bist ein echter Profi!!!

  10. Do you use washes on the uniform?

    1. Hi Rick,

      sorry I've totally missed your question. No, I don't use washes for the uniform.