Tuesday, 9 June 2015

The General

Dear chum Curt of "Analogue-Hobbies" fame and me have a little miniature exchange program running (well, shuffling would be a little more appropriate judging by our two glacial speed) since last challenge.

It all started when he asked me if I'd paint some figures for him. I had to refuse as my painting output is barely enough to satisfy my own need for painted lead. So we agreed on another arrangement which sees me painting a figure of his choice for him in exchange for a figure he does for me.

Last year I took a little short cut as he wanted me to paint a Aella figure from Footsore Miniatures (Then Musketeer Miniatures). At the time I was hoping to pick up one with Commitatus Figurines at TACTICA in Hamburg. But as Commitatus didn't show up I sent him the Aella I had painted for last years challenge. I still have to get me another Aella for my own Saxons...

So this year Curt wanted me to paint up General Suvorov from Lead Adventure Miniatures for him. Having never painted one for my own need I actually had to paint up a figure exclusively for him.

It took me a while to get hold of him but finally here he is in all his dark splendor.
The figure was a real joy to paint and little clean up was required.

I tried to match the basing Curt uses for his other Post-Apoc miniatures but I leave it up to him to decide wether I succeeded or not.

Somehow I doubt it was the last Lead Adventure miniature I painted...
Maybe a little detour into some apocalyptic future might be in order.

Well, that's it from me for now and I hope Curt he'll serve you well on the gaming table.


  1. Brilliant painting - your skilled highlighting adds so much vibrance to this mini! What a nice little arrangement you guys have there, I can only imagine that Curt will be pleased with the addition of this dark villain to his post-apoc collection!

  2. Man, this guy is way cool, the stance, the book and his gas mask. You do so many great historicals, I had to read the write up carefully to ensure this guy wasn't some kind of WW1 or WW2 special troop :)

  3. Haha! There he is in all his glory - absolutely marvelous work Nick! The basework you've done will work in with my existing stuff wonderfully. Thanks so much! Now I have to get a wiggle on to get your figure done and off to you.

  4. What a fine endeavour! I hope Curt enjoys having such a fine piece

  5. Thats a cool looking model, Great paint job!

  6. Great paintjob! Those Lead Adventure minis really are full of character! Very fun to paint also. And you've really got a nice little arrangement going on there between you two!

  7. The general is great work! A really good composition of colors and basework!

  8. Impressive and splendid!

  9. Another great exhibition in painting a figure Nick! He does look very cool.


  10. My first comment got lost somehow. Perhaps for the better since it was rather longwinded and boils down to: marvellous painting, I'm very impressed. Like you said, Lead Adventure Miniatures are a joy to paint, too. Did some for the Prof once and was tempted to buy the whole lot afterwards. ;-)
    Besides, 'joint ventures' are great to keep up the spirit. Thanks for sharing the idea and its result (so far) here.

  11. His head is very well painted. Nice palette on that key area of the mini.

  12. What a great fig - lovely sculpt and beautifully painted!

    Where can I get my hands on one

    1. Thank you Paul.
      should provide you with everything you want.

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