Saturday, 17 January 2015

9th submission to the challenge: 28mm WWII Pak 36 & BEF Infantry Section with Command (90 Points)

Somehow I totally forgot to post my latest submission to the Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge:

Not really a points bomb the scale of some of you guys are capable of but for me it comes pretty close. This week I was lucky to have had some spare time and so I got some figures done.

First is a 28mm PaK 36 for my early WWII Germans.

As most of my stuff lately it's Warlord Games again but I wasn't really happy with these older sculpts. You can clearly see they're from Paul Hicks but sadly they don't come even close to his newer works. Compared to the new plastic 'Blitzkrieg Germans' they're pretty small and the faces are somehow misshapen.

 Originally the PaK 36 had a crew of six but for some reason Warlord Games and most other miniatures companies and/ or rules writers seem not to care about such trivia. May have to do some more figures later on...

I was a bit confused about the troop-function colour for German Panzerjäger units so I made some research that might be of interest to some of you. Probably most will already know anyway...

 The German Wikipedia (Haven't checked the English Version) lists 'rose' as Waffenfarbe (troop-function colour) for Panzerjäger, just like for tank crews. While looking for pictorial evidence on the web I came across some photos showing clearly white markings as well as rose or green ones. So I had to dig a little deeper. I found out that Panzerjäger units organic to the OOB of an Infanterie Regiment as 14. Kompanie (14th company) wore white like their parent regiment (same is true for organic 'Artillery' being the 13. Kompanie of the Regiment).

Along these lines, Panzerjäger belonging to a Panzer-Grenadier Regiment had the Wiesengrün (grass-green) of the Panzer-Grenadiere as their Waffenfarbe.

Panzerjäger units belonging to the divisional support however used rose as Waffenfarbe accompanied by an embroidered (or metal pin) 'P' for Panzerjäger to distinguish them from tank crews.

I hope this was of some use for at least a few of you.

And here we come to the second part of this weeks submission: a 10 man section of 'British Expeditionary Force' (BEF) infantry and their commanding Lieutenant with two aides. So 13 men in total.

These figures are from Warlord Games again and were a real joy to paint. Painting was speeded up by using the same brown (VMA Medium Brown) I used for the bases as base colour for the figures.

For the helmets I went for a camo sheme similar to the 'Mickey Mouse' camo the British used on their AFV's. I've seen it on some pictures about the BEF and thought it to look quite interesting.


Looking at pictorial evidence suggests I went a tad too light on the uniforms while the webbing turned out too dark

I decided not to do any unit markings as most sources suggest the British made no use of it till later in the war. I'm not totally sure on the Lieutenants red cap band as it might be a bit too flashy for actual combat duty. But it breaks up the otherwise quite monotone khaki a bit so I decided to go for it.

I had to hand paint the Sergeants and Corporals rank insignia as I forgot to place an order in time for those extremely handy decal sheets.

The heads come separate for these guys but unlike Warlords other 'Separate Heads System' stuff most of them don't feature those strange over exaggerated facial expressions. Well, like I said... most.

Thank you for stopping by and i hope you enjoyed.


  1. I have to say that you are producing some of the best work in the challenge to dat and these are no exception, the Pak 36 and crew and my new favourite!

  2. Excellent job, love the beautiful details and the amazing bases...

  3. Is it bordering on 'magic' when you can;t tell how it is done...?
    Excellent work again!

  4. Again lovely work.... im blow´n away by your skill.

  5. Superbly painted as always. Again I have to say the way you highlight/shade, and pay attention to the smallest details really make WW2 figures look as colorful and unique as any other era - including Napoleonics.

  6. Very nice work as usual! You've been cranking these out at quite an impressive pace during the challenge! Congrats on that!

  7. Very good paintjob! Echt gut mein Freund. :)

  8. With miniatures this beautifully painted its almost ridiculous that I get so fixated on the basing, but I really think the "city rubble" color scheme you've chosen is fantastic. Masterful work!

  9. Your painting skills are very impressive as always and I really like the flesh tones and basing. In fact I would rate your work with the top painters in the hobby.
    Look forward to seeing what you do with the Multicam Camo on the figure you are working on at the moment.

  10. As usual you have produced some beautiful miniatures.

  11. Such fine brushwork - good luck in the competition

  12. Brilliant work, it's impossible for me to pick a favorite. Blending, basing and faces are all magnificent!

    How did a crew of 6 fit behind that gunshield? ;-)

  13. Just outstanding work Nick! I hope to see these on the tabletop soon!


  14. Superb work down to the basing – mighty impressive!

  15. That you can make traditionally neutral/dull colours like grey, ochre and dark olive green 'pop' says volumes about the high level of skill that you have. Excellent work! :)