12 December 2014

Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge: Not "Dorian Gray" Entry Fee Figure (20 points)

I'm a bit behind in my blogging at the moment but as Curt's infamous Painting Challenge has begun last week most of my hobby time is concentrated on painting like a maniac... not that it would make any difference in output anyway.

So here's my first entry to the Challenge:

To bring myself and my brushes up to operating temperature for this years challenge I wanted to stay within the theme of the challenge with my first submission.

Ever since Curt has announced this years topic I knew what I wanted to do for the Entry Fee figure. Back then when West Wind did their "Empire of the Dead" Kickstarter I almost joined in because of the dark and menacing look of the Steampunk world they created which I liked a lot. But as I had (and still have) much too many distractions on my table I passed on the chance and said to myself that one day I could still paint the one or other figure.

So when looking for suitable figures I knew it had to be something from that range and indeed I found a figure which to my mind perfectly matches Curt's description of the to be Entry Fee figure.

So I present to you Mr. Dorian aka as (Not) Dorian Gray.

Having myself set the target of doing as much Greyscale figures as possible and get my First Indochina project off the ground he too now suffers of a little monochromity. Also quite fitting in regard of his surname me thinks.

I have to say I came to love this kind of painting and the more you practice it the easier it gets and it can safe quite some time compared with my regular way of painting. I also quite like Curt's idea of adding some eyecatcher in red (I assume films like Sin City and 300 being his main inspiration for this) and so I had to copy it shamelessly.

So I hope you like him Mr. Curt especially as he reminds me of some amiable Canadian with similar fancy facial hair and a preference for tweeds.


  1. Its a great figure, and very well painted as well!

  2. Very interesting figure, indeed :)
    Lovely work on it - the colours look excellent to me.

  3. It was definately a great first post by you! The greyscale is spot on and so is the red accent colour. Works very nicely, maybe that's why its used so much in films etc. Schindler's list being one of the most memorable with the little girl in a red dress.

  4. Soaking a lot of my blogging time as well.

    Love the figure well worth the points


  5. As expected a superb greyscale piece and well worth the points! Really looking forward to seeing these fine pieces in person!


  6. Very well executed painting, especially the subtle highlighting on the dark grey is impressive. Hope Mr. Dorian helps you reach the goal!

  7. You have taken a set of arguably 'dull' colours and made the miniature look exciting. Well done sir! :)

  8. I thought that this was a stunning entry, bravo Sir.

  9. Fantastic work! Curt will be thrilled.

  10. Aaaah ! Again a grayt...sorry: great painting. And Yes: I like the Westwind miniatures too; they´re full of charakter and painting is a joy.

  11. Very cool entry! Love the white streak of hair.