Samstag, 9. Juni 2018

SCW - Yet more Republicans

It's summer. And as in every summer thus far the hobby is placed on a backburner while other things get priority. So these guys were sitting on my painting table for quite some time now. To be perfectly honest it wasn't only the summer though...

... what really aggravated progress was me trying to paint these all in one batch. While I know several of you out there feel comfortable with this kind of production line painting it's definitely nothing I enjoy. And considering my glacial painting speed "production line painting" would be something of an euphemism anyway.

Two officers ready to provide much needed leadership
Figures are Empress miniatures as ever. Having almost finished the whole load I bought at Crisis it might be about time to replenish the stack. Especially the Rebels need a few more bits and pieces but the Republicans as well are far from finished.

NCO and radio operator trying to sort out the mess

While having the camera out I took the opportunity and took group shots of the assembled forces thus far. Seeing the assembled forces I have to admit I'm quite chuffed with what I achieved thus far. Probably my most successful project thus far. Small wonder though with such an excellent range of miniatures to choose from and a conflict as complex as the Spanish Civil War.

three miniatures painted by Curt, one by Chris aka Axebreaker
one miniature painted by Jan aka Lt. Hazel


  1. As ever Nick just really superb work!! It's a small wonder your chuffed as anybody would be glowing with pride to have that collection.


  2. Superb work Nick, don’t get hung up on the time taken to finish stuff it is a hobby not a race.

  3. Your skill level on painting is amazing
    cheers John

  4. Absolutely stunning. Each figure museum quality.

  5. Truly sensational work and the group shots are just wow! Are there better painted armies out there?

  6. Wow! Absolutely stonking work Nick. I LOVE those group photos at the end of the post. Just brilliant.

  7. What a splendid group, fantastic job, painting and basing...My favourites are these guys lying on the ground, just perfect!

  8. Your collection Nick, is a fantastic advert for Empress Miniatures and I imagine their figure sales for SCW will be going through the roof after your blog post. Wonderful painting as always.

  9. Totally awesome painting,wonderful work! The group shots are spectacular!
    Best Iain

  10. I too absolutely abhor production line painting. In other words I suck at it. Meanwhile, your work here is fantastic as usual.

  11. If you ever offer a Master Class in painting, I'll sell the farm to make the trip across the ocean and enroll. Simply breath taking, oh my!