Sunday, 19 October 2014

US Army Medium Machine Gun Team

Today a rather productive week came to a sudden halt as I'm suffering from a mighty hangover. Sometimes you really can feel one ain't a young grasshopper anymore. Maybe I simply should stop all this drinking nonsense and better do some proper "Gentleman" stuff like maybe refurbish old cars or the like.

But on to the real reasons for this post. Next to some other as yet strictly confidential other stuff I painted a .30 cal Browning M1919 medium machine gun team.

Again Artizan minis but I'm a bit unhappy with these guys. First a standing/ walking ammunition carrier for an obviously firing team makes no sense to me. If he would be running in a slightly crouched pose I'd be fine but this way I think I'll replace him some time with the kneeling one from Warlord Games. Secondly the faces of the two prone figures are slightly miscast.

These guys are my second MMG team for my US force as in Bolt Action the Americans can take up to three MMG's as a special rule. Would like to see the Germans getting up to three light or medium mortars to represent their abundant use of it.

Anyway I'm quite happy with how they turned out. As I was asked how I do my sabot multi bases lately I'll do a post on it in the next days. Don't think I'm up to it today :-)

So all that's left for now to "finish" the US force for now(if an army is ever finished) there's just an M3 halftrack waiting to get finished on the painting table. But at the moment I don't feel like doing vehicles so he might sit there for a bit longer.

Thanks for viewing and I hope you enjoyed!


  1. Nice work! The running ammunition carrier really doesn't seem to fit in with the other two.

    And hangovers sure seem to become harsher and harsher as the days pass :) Maybe it's aging or then just the lack of training as heavy drinking becomes more sparse

  2. As usual a very nice painting work

  3. As always they look just superb Nick and I really look forward to seeing them!


  4. That is another amazing piece of work.

  5. Can't remember the last hangover i had but i need a good session to remind me how bad they are.
    lovely painting btw.

  6. Excellent work :)
    Hope the head gets better...

  7. Really nice.

    I've found the hangovers worsen the older one gets. Pretty much never bother drinking more than a couple of pints now.

  8. Lovely work. Any and all tutorials about how you paint and base figures would be most appreciated! :o)

  9. Mighty hangover? Could it be.... Oktoberfest fever? :0) Anyways, you've managed a really nice support unit here, the details and highlights are first rate. So whatever you're drinking, continue to do so!

  10. Looks great, beautiful job!

  11. Every time I wreck myself, which usually happens at Army christmas parties, I swear I'll never do it again, because I am too old for this. So I feel your pain. Despite the problems with the standing ammo guy, these figures look very nice. You packed a lot of expression into their faces. Very nice work. I have my first Artizan order coming soon and am looking forward to seeing them in the flesh.
    Cheers, Michael

  12. Great work as usual ... they truly look very vibrant.

  13. Fantastic work, they'll give the enemy a headache for sure...just like alcohol. ;-)

  14. Very nice. But, the images are a little bit small :-)