23 January 2022

[20mm] Soviet Sappers & casualties

Like many other hobbyists, I‘m sure, I‘m a completist. When there’s a option in the force list, no matter how obscure, my brain goes into overdrive and I‘m off to look where to source that particular option from. Luckily enough since my switch to 20mm with my WW2 painting I‘m generally spoilt for choice. But there are still a few things I can‘t find or not in a configuration/ style I like.

That’s where 3D printing really comes in handy. Chance is someone out there has the files for what you’re looking for. Same with these Soviet Sappers/ Engineers. 

Figures are originally 28mm files from mr3DPrint available on I scaled them down to match my AB miniatures and surprisingly enough it worked rather well. Some of the equipment is admittedly a little flimsy and some minor bits broke off as I‘m rather ham fisted at the best of times. But still I quite like them a lot and they painted up nicely. Should maybe get me a resin that’s a little less brittle nonetheless.

Helmets/ heads and hands are somewhat on the larger side, especially when compared with their AB brethren directly, but not more than usual with wargaming miniatures. I’m still quite surprised by the quality my cheapish 1st generation Anycubic Photon is capable of. Good enough for any wargaming miniatures I‘d say.

Next we have a batch of 10 Soviet casualty markers by AB Figures. A little macabre maybe but I love casualty markers. I tried to make the skin look more corpse like and like to think it worked out surprisingly well.

Total points this year so far:


  1. Great work once again! you have incredible skills!

  2. Very nice - I often think about getting a 3D printer but I'm not sure I want to deal with the learning curve and I'm not particularly good with IT (just printing a sheet of paper in the office is hard enough for me lol) so I haven't really been too motivated to get into it.

  3. Lovely looking toys Nick…
    The 3D printed miniatures have certainly come on it recent years.

    All the best. Aly

  4. Superb Nick and in particular it's really neat how you got those 3d prints as they really do blend in well your collection. I will need to inspect these.;-)


  5. Lovely work, the figures come alive with your painting skills
    cheers JOhn

  6. Only thing missing is blood. That being said I think you made the right choice to omit the blood and gore. I too would not have wanted any blood and gore after getting such a good paint job applied. Looks great :)

  7. Beautiful painting once again Nick.

  8. Great painting as always, Nick. Very cool to see the mine sweeper!