27 November 2021

Eldar Rangers

Once in a blue moon I feel like doing some Sci-Fi stuff, preferably set in GW's Warhammer 40k universe. Even if the chance of me playing one of their rulesets is impossibly remote, I still am quite a fan of the setting. Or at least of the setting as it was about 10 years ago... but that's probably due to me slowly but steadily becoming old and grumpy.

Anyway, earlier this year I've been in my annual summerly hobby slump and couldn't get myself to get into the groove again. It was then that a mate of mine volunteered me to help him run a participation game of Grim Dark Future Firefight by OnePageRules at the (hopefully) upcoming Tactica 2022 show in Hamburg. It's still a few months left, but given that I certainly can't be arsed to actually learn the rules, even if they're just about one page, I thought it might be best if I'd at least paint some figures for the event. This way I wouldn't look like a complete tool at least... or so I hope.

What I actually quite like about painting SciFi is I get to experiment with colours and techniques I wouldn't really use otherwise. Like with the effect on this Farseers blade. It didn't really turn out as I'd hoped but still I learned a few things in the process. 

These eight Eldar will add another 40 points to my running total for this year, leaving me just shy of the 1000 points mark with 999 points.


  1. Beautiful painting Nick I'm sure they will stand out in the participaion game....if the event takes place!


  2. Absolutely brilliant. I am also (obviously) a massive fan of the 40K setting though it prefer it at 20 years ago, myself!
    I must agree the rules are pretty rubbish but I am hoping to use my eldar rangers figures in a game of Osprey Black Ops soon (though we do still play 2nd ed 40K too!).

  3. Very much in awe of your work on these figures. The blues on that sword blade are lovely and I love the way you do the whites and creams of the weapons and armour, very effective!

  4. Oh man, is this every nice! Well done. I LOVE that blade effect. This would make a great Kill Team too.

  5. I love your Scifi stuff even more! Fantastic work! Just fantastic.