24 October 2021

[20mm] Airborne Jeep with German & British Crew

As some of you may be aware, my good friend Curt of fame and I have a miniature exchange ongoing. Not sure for how long but by now a fair few figures have crossed the Atlantic either way to find residence on another continent. For this years figure I was at first at a loss as what to paint, when Curt made a fleeting remark about wanting to do a force for OP Market Garden at some point. And there it was my inspiration. 

Picture taken from
As not long before I had come across the above picture showing British Paratroopers taken into captivity by German soldiers, the driver is SS while the two others are from the Kriegsmarine, in a captured Jeep. There is a whole series of pictures out there showing the very same vehicle and it's occupants. I somehow felt the urgent need to re-create the picture and luckily enough AB Figures offere a few in their German and British ranges that, while not perfect, would do the job well enough.

I also decided to paint up a British Driver so that Curt could also use the Jeep together with his, as of yet non-existent, Paratroopers. Come on laddy, get yer finger out ;-)

Six figures and a vehicleadd another 39 points to my total for this year, so I'm currently at 959 points. Hopefully I manage to score a few more before this years Painting Challenge begins and thus I'll have to reset my score.


  1. Fabulous painting on this awesome historical vignette. US-made Jeep, driven by Germans with British Airborne "passengers." Amazing!

  2. Stunning stuff once again Nick, just amazing.
    And of course AB would have all sorts of "just standing/sitting around" sculpts :)

  3. Stunning brush work!

    Cheers, Ross

  4. Great job! Your works inspire 8)))

  5. Wow! That's fantastic work ... simply stunning!